Just who are we

The history behind the company

Hadron Softworks was founded by two students, Herman Rossouw and David Barnett, whilest attending University. The company started as a way for the two partners to tackle projects and opportunities outside of the classroom setting. Initially the company was geared towards web development and slowly grew to accommodate a number of web clients.

Reputation grew and clients approached Hadron to develop solutions for Desktops. Diversifying their market, Hadron gladly accepted development projects on a number of platforms and technologies.

Today we have expertise in both Web, Desktop and Mixed Environments as well as a multitude of different technologies, development solutions and languages.


Customized solutions developed for your specific needs

Anything from websites to enterprise management software

Hadron develops their solution around your requirements and specifications, which allows for theming and customization around your company profile.


Ready to go software products

A set of existing, easy to install and easy to use tools have been developed from which you can choose from. Each tool addresses a specific part of most business processes which allows you to quickly get off the ground without cumbersome systems to put in place.


Why work through us

We provide you with one of the best, personal services in the industry.

Desktop Applications

Native applications running on right your desktop.


Need a website? Or do you need a web based system?

Mobile Development

Join the app revolution and publish your projects to mobile devices.


From small, one shot solutions to large, long term projects

Interactive Support

Support directly from the developers.


Keep your data and your products safe.

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